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Keyring Media & AbilitiCBT


2021 - 2022

My Role

Storyboard & Digital Assets Artist



In my role as a storyboard artist, I diligently adhered to the instructions provided by the art director and followed the brand guidelines of the company. I utilized my skills to develop characters and storyboards for a wide range of explanatory videos.

Storyboards and Digital Assets

Storyboard 1

The initial stage of the storyboard process involves sketching, which is based on the provided script. After receiving approval on the sketches, I proceed to create the digital storyboard in Illustrator. This involves incorporating the scenes and designing original characters that will later be imported into After Effects for animation purposes.

storyboard 3.png
Characters Design
Storyboard 1

Characters design 

The characters I designed were crafted in Illustrator with a focus on incorporating movements that could easily be imported into After Effects. To ensure versatility, the Illustrator files contain different arm, hair, and clothing styles. The characters were intentionally designed without color, allowing for seamless customization to match the theme of each scene, with the exception of the dog character. You can click on the image to access the video on the AbilitiCBT website, specifically located in the middle section.

Characters Design_edited.png

Storyboard 2

I used Illustrator to create this storyboard. I made sure it matched the mood board and followed the brand guidelines. I carefully followed the script provided by the client for each frame in the storyboard.

AbilitiCBT_Storyboard 1.png
Storyboard 2


As a storyboard artist, I've learned that it's important to sketch out the concept and get approval from the client. Following brand guidelines is crucial to ensure accurate colours from the beginning. Understanding the client's vision early on can save time and effort on reworking later. Making assumptions can lead to extensive revisions, so avoiding them in the time-consuming storyboarding process is best.

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